Saturday, May 30, 2009

On the Bench: Imperial Guardsman

I am back to the drawing board with regards to how I will compose my Imperial Guard army. In my prior posts I talked about what I was hoping to build based on individual unit stories and concepts that match the theme of my army when paired with my buddy Ernie’s army. Using those earlier writings as a foundation, and based on what I have painted so far, this is what I think I know as fact for what will be in my army.

Elite – Ratlings (3) 30 pts
Elite – Ogryns (4)170 pts
Troop – Infantry Platoon
-Platoon Command Squad w/ medic and commissar 115 pts
-Infantry Squad 50 pts
-Infantry Sqaud 50 pts
-Heavy Weapons Squad w/ 3 heavy bolters 75 pts
Troop – Veteran Squad w/ Gunnery Sergeant Harker, 3 sniper rifles, heavy bolter, and forward sentries doctrines 180 pts
Troop – Veteran Squad w/ 2 flamers, 1 heavy flamer, and chimera w/ hull/turret flamers 155 pts
Total Points 825 points

This list looks more realistic at the moment since I own all of models listed already and don’t need to purchase anything else until after I complete the list. I have some options for the HQ slot, but haven’t decided on what I will do for the mandatory unit at this point. (I am shying away from the commissar lord at this point.)

Back to finishing the model...

The barrel of the gun was completed using the same color scheme as my grey knight terminator from March.
Vallejo Black Grey (70862)(3:1, paint:thinner) [Size 1 American Painter]
Black GW Wash
Black Grey (4:1, pain:thinner)
Black Grey/Vallejo London Grey (836) (2:1:1:1, black grey:london grey:thinner:glaze)
Black Grey/London Grey (1:2:1:1, black grey:london grey:thinner:glaze)
Black Grey/London Grey (1:3:1:1, black grey:london grey:thinner:glaze)
London Grey (4:1:1, london grey:thinner:glaze)
London Grey/Light Grey (70990) (4:1:1:1, london grey:light grey:thinner:glaze)

The base was a couple coats of terra earth (3:1, paint:thinner)


  1. I suggest adding a banewolf or two to the army if you don't have a plan for your fast attack choices yet. I have field 2 of them against chaos space marines and they tore them up. I fielded them with a hull multimelta so they can also hunt tanks. I killed a chaos predator in a first turn shot and later a turboboosting nurgle biker squad. I got lucky and I know they will be a target number one in the next game but better them than a 200+ point leman russ.

  2. Thanks for the advise. I sounds like a cool option and something I will need to consider.

  3. The list so far looks good, and should do really well against any infantry-based army, but adding in some anti-tank (once you finish those guys) would be my first priority if I were you.

    The banewolves do sound like a great option (though I'm personally not going to fork out 60 squids for them), with extra anti-heavy infantry and a solid base of anti-tank (though it is still only two shots per turn that hit half the time, so you may be better off with another option - like a missile launcher heavy weapon squad.