Saturday, May 9, 2009

On the Bench: Amethyst Veil (Retro Blog)

A Skeleton Head… On a Stick

Before I roll into today’s post, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the great feedback I have received.

It’s cool how a simple wash of brown & black ink can add so much depth to a model. Still though, there is that dreaded ink shine that I like on metallic paints but am not so happy about on my non-metal paints.

With the wash now very dry, I begin again by applying another coat of desert yellow (4:1 desert yellow: thinner) using a 00 size brush, this time not covering the deepest and most obscure parts of the model. At this point I think to myself that I should just go with that and move on. With a cry of pointless determination, I scream out ‘No’ and proceed with painting the skulls. [Wow, that is some bad writing, even for me] All stupidity aside, I do another coat of the color

Next, I give the model a coat of 2:2:1 desert yellow: bleached bone: thinner.

Next, I give the model a coat of 4:1 bleached bone: thinner, followed by a repeat of the coat.

The next step is painting a good portion of the model with two coats of a bleached bone/skull white mix. For this step I used a 10/0 size brush with a color mix of 2:2:1 bleached bone: skull white: thinner.

The last step in painting bone was an extreme highlighting with skull white. This was done only along the brow and a few other spots using an 18/0 size brush. The color was a 4:1 skull white: thinner mix. I did two coats, the amount of surface on the second coat slightly less than the first.


Next Time: Moving up to a whole model.

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