Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekly Update: Online Contest

DAKKADAKKA 'Get Your Teach On!'

1) Your Tutorial thread must be posted in the Dakka Painting and Modeling Tutorials forum (this one) during the month of May.
2) All of the tutorial content (text, images, videos, etc) must have been created by you and may not have already been displayed as a tutorial elsewhere on Dakka or any other website. Tutorials found to have been posted elsewhere or that contain someone else's work will be disqualified.
3) The tutorial must actually be a tutorial about something pertaining to the wargaming hobby. It must include pictures and text explaining the different steps, and it must have different steps; just posting a beginning and ending picture of a model won't cut it!
4) All photos used for the tutorial MUST be hosted by Dakka (we don't want 'em disappearing a few months down the road). This can be most easily accomplished by uploading your photos to the Dakka Gallery. If you need any assistance uploading your pictures to Dakka (or how to link to your photos once you've uploaded them), feel free to post your questions in the Nuts & Bolts forum.
5) The day (or so) after the deadline, a thread will be created listing all of the qualifying tutorial threads along with a public poll for the community at large to pick their favorite tutorial from the bunch.
6) Public voting will last for 4 Days. At the end of which, the top five tutorials with the most votes in the poll are the finalists.
7) From the five finalists, a winner will be selected by a panel of judges. Judges will be selected by the site's administrator (me).
8) Admin and Mod participants can't become finalists or win the prize, but don't let that keep you from voting for them! Defeating one another is more than enough of a reward for us... THE

DEADLINE: In order to qualify, all tutorial threads posted must follow the rules above and must be posted anytime during the month of MAY 2009.

THE PRIZE: The prize for this challenge is our biggest yet! It is £130 (GBP) in-store credit plus free world-wide shipping with one of Dakka's fantastic partners, That's nearly $190 in US currency worth of product!!! A tremendously huge THANK YOU has to go out to Dakka user the sponsors for this challenge, both and Dakka user LBursley, who not only came up with the idea for this contest (just because he wants to see what amazing tutorials people can create) but also put up a tremendous amount of his own money as part of the prize!

Note: There will be no blog entry next week (06/06/2009) for the Weekly Online Contest Update. Please remember to check back starting on Monday to vote for your favorite entry in the TRoE: Attention! contest.

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