Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the Bench: Imperial Guardsman

I typically focus on one color range and complete it before moving to the next one. I believe I do this because it allows me to focus and not feel so scattered while painting. With this model, I have decided to try and basecoat the model first and then do all of the highlighting.

Bestial Brown/Scorched Brown (3:2:2:2, Bestial Brown:Scorched:Glaze Medium:Thinner) This is the base coat for the brown leather sections of the model.
This layer was applied twice.

London Grey/Black Grey (4:2:2, London Grey:Black Grey:Thinner)After the brown coat, I decided that I wanted the boots to be the same color as the ones worn by my ogryn model from last month.

Badab Black (1:4, badab black wash:thinner) This wash was applied selectively. Once dry, I hit some of the deepest spots with a straight wash of badab black.

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