Friday, May 29, 2009

On the Bench: Imperial Guardsman

At this point in the process, the model is base coated or better except for the base. I am now working on the details. I begin this phase by painting the blue sections of the model. I begin with another coat of Dark Blue (4:1; paint:thinner). Once applied twice, I add a layer of Dark Blue/Skull White (dark blue:skull white:thinner; 8:1:2) along the edge. The last layer was a thinner line along the edge of Dark Blue/Skull White (dark blue:skull white:thinner; 4:1:1)

The next detail that I attacked was the eagle insignias. I decided to keep this simple as somewhere in the back of my head I kept thinking that I needed to be able to repeat this process many times before the army will be done.
Reaper Chestnut Gold (09073) (4:1, paint:thinner)
GW Sepia Wash
Palomino Gold (4:1, paint:thinner)
Buckskin Pale (4:1, paint:thinner)

Next Time: Let’s Wrap this Up!

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