Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Building a Better Vespero

One of my favorite models is Vespero from the regiment of renown unit of the same name. I just love the dynamic pose and striking way his cloak flows on the model. The problem with the unit has also been that it is expensive for what is does on the battlefield. The new Indy GT list has attempted to improve upon him, but generally speaking, Vespero’s Vendetta still lacks the ability to be an effective unit on the battlefield.

As a quick review, Vespero’s Vendetta costs a base 120 points. This gives you 4 duelists with WS 4 and a special parry plus Vespero who is WS 6 and causes opponents to lose a single attack on the first turn of combat (assuming that they are not immune to psychology). You can also include additional models in the unit at a cost of 8 points per model. The problem with the unit is that unless you increase the model count and purchase the trait to allow them to scout, they don’t have a suitable role on the battlefield.

Due to the issues I have listed, I have been exploring the idea of an alternative use for the models that fits into the theme of the original rules. To this end, I have been designing a list that uses the unit as a ‘count as’ unit of duelist accompanied by an elven ranger. This seems to be a better approach as it allows me to create a superior Vespero and give his unit the ability to ambush.

Elf Ranger w/ Blackbeard’s Cutlass, Talisman of Protection, and Duelist accompanying 9 Duelist 206 pts
Vespero’s Vendetta w/ 9 duelist plus Master of Intrigue 190 pts

Using my ‘counts as’ approach, I now have a Vespero with a magical weapon that has 4 attacks which hit at Str 5 and causes a -3 to saves. He also has a superior 6+ ward save and forces his opponents to re-roll any successful hits during a challenge. He can also ambush with his unit of duelist, thus getting the drop on any war machines or wizards hiding in the backfield.

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