Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garagehammer Campaign - Turn 1 Results

Grant: 28 points: purchased 2 tiles, a mine and a castle. 0 left
Aaron: 17 points: purchased 2 tiles. 1 point carried over
CDMB: 13 Points: purchased 1 tile and 1 castle. 1 point carried over
Witeks: 20 points: purchased 1 mountain tile and a mine. 0 left
Taz: 4 points: purchased 1 tile (using her land grab from last week). 0 left
John: 4 points: purchased a castle 0 left over
Ryan: 12 points: purchased mountain tile. 0 left over
Chris: 8 points: Purchased 1 tile. 0 left over.
Luke: 7 points: purchased a castle. 3 points carried over.
Tom: 4 points: 4 points. 4 points carried over.

Here are the strategic events:
Tom: Building Boom (upgraded castle to city)
John Land Grab (gets 4 points off a tile next building phase)
Luke: War Tax
Ryan: All or Nothing
CDMB: Building Boom (used PBttOracle) (upgraded castle to City)
Taz: PbttOracle
Witeks: Scouts
Grant: Headhunter
Aaron: Survey the Battlefield
Chris: Fortune Favors the Bold

Here are the random events:
Witeks: Harvest Moon 160 extra gold
Luke: Knowledge boom
CDMB: Fame/Infamy
Taz: Fame/Infamy
Tom: Knowledge Boom
Grant: Hidden Cache
Chris: Disaster (nothing happened)
Aaron: Harvest Moon 220 extra gold
John: All's Well
Ryan: All's Well

Grant rolled for his river mine and got 90 gold.
Witeks rolled for their mountain mine and got 150 gold

Here's how the points are breaking down after turn 1:
Grant(3) – 1 empty tile, 1 castle, 1 river mine
Aaron(3) – 3 empty tiles
CDMB(3) – 1 empty tile, 1 City
Witeks(2) – 1 empty tile, 1 mountain mine
Taz(2) – 2 empty tiles
Ryan(2) – 2 empty tiles
Chris(2) – 2 empty tiles
John(1) – 1 castle
Luke(1) – 1 castle
Tom(1) – 1 castle

So that's about it. Finally, here's how much gold everyone has.

Grant: 165 gold (1 empty tile, 1castle tile, 1 river mine for 90 gold))
Aaron: 295 gold (3 empty tiles and 220 harvest moon) (Aaron, let me know how you want to use this.)
CDMB: 100 gold (1 empty tile and 1 city tile)
Witeks: 360 gold (1 empty tile and 1 mountain tile + 150 for mine +160 for Harvest Moon)
Taz: 50 gold (2 empty tiles)
John: 50 gold (1 castle tile)
Ryan: 50 gold (2 empty tiles)
Chris: 50 gold (2 empty tiles)
Luke: 150 gold (1 castle tile, war tax)
Tom: 75 gold (1 city tile)

Round 2 Match-ups
Luke v Grant
Taz v Tom
Chris v Witeks
Ryan v John (if this is difficult please let me know)
CDMB v Aaron


  1. Hi there I like the looks of your campaign but I can't find what the rules are or what it is based on. I was wondering if you would share that.

  2. Check out here...