Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beastmen vs Dogs of War Battle Report

The roar of the great shaman could be heard as the beastmen cleared the edge of the forest. This was an ambush, and the Coin Collectors had fallen into it.

In this battle report, I play Ryan’s Beastmen army as part of the Garage Hammer campaign. We were playing Blood and Glory with 2000 point armies.

Ryan’s Beastmen
Great Shaman
2 large blocks of Bestigors
1 very large block of Gors
A couple chariots
A small unit of harpies
A Pumbagor (nicely painted!)

My list was pretty typical for the moment.
Merchant Prince with Tilean Plate Armour, Enchanted Shield, Ogre Blade, Talsiman of Preservation, Barded Warhorse, and Boldness.
Hireling Wizard Lord w/ Level 4 and Channeller
Paymaster w/ Master of Intrigue and Armour of Fortune
Crossbowmen (15) w/ command and pavises
Braganza’s Beseigers
Vespero’s Vendetta (10)
Cavaliers (5) w/ Warbanner
Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs
Mercenary Ogres w/ brute and bellower
Mercenary Cannon
Mercenary Cannon
Mercenary Elves w/ longbows and Banner of Eternal Flame

Early Turns
The early turns of the game saw my forces pick-off a couple of bestigors. The elves turned to face the harpies, but failed to wound them before they could reach my mercenary cannon. The ogres moved to intercept the chariots and Razorgor.

Middle Turns

Ogres crush the Razorgor and cause the chariot nearby to flee. Vespero’s company is overwhelmed by the second chariot, though they do get in a couple of wounds before running off the battlefield. Ruglud’s orcs fall a critical animosity check and sit out the turn.

In comparison, Ryan’s harpies hit my cannon on the right flank and killed the crew. The whole of his army advances forward, losing a couple more models to the combination of the second cannon and the odd crossbow shot.

Late Turns
The game ends with the large blocks getting into close combat with Braganza and the DoW knights. The late game also saw Ruglud’s crew get assaulted, take some wounds and run off the board.


The game concluded with Ryan having won by ~870 points. The only reason the results were that close was due to him losing his great shaman late in the game to a miscast. Still, the difference meant that I had earned 5 league points for this round and will be able to claim a hex next turn.

Lessons Learned
1. I want to beef up the unit of ogres to 6 models. I think I will also include a standard in the unit.
2. I could have done a better job with how I positioned Vespero’s Vendetta. The small unit against a chariot was not the best match-up.

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