Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adepticon 2011: 1000 Point WFB Tournament - Part Four

The journey has almost come to an end. Adepticon is tomorrow and I am finalizing a few last things before the big day. At this point, I have decided on a final list which should be solid enough to compete with everything but the most powerful builds.

When it came to the list, the big decision was whether or not to take my unit of crossbowmen as a generic unit or as the Markmens of Miragliano. I concluded that the MoM would be the better choice since I would be hitting on 3+ most of the time and could potentially be hitting on a 2+ with the right combination of spells and luck. This means that at 15 models, I have a good chance to dwindle down a larger regiment in a turn or two. Assuming that is the case, I can use the ogres and Cursed Company to clean-up.

As for Vespero’s Vendetta, I am planning to use them as my mage/war machine hunting unit. The unit is small (I would argue too small), but if I can panic my opponents with the power of the MoM, they may ignore Vespero long enough for him to be effective. Otherwise, anything wasted on Vespero will mean that my MoM will have more time to shoot.

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