Sunday, March 13, 2011

Empire vs Dogs of War 2200 - Part 2

Dogs of War 3: Vendetta charge failed again. Ambushing Elves pop up behind lines. Cast Superior Miasma for -3 on Knights. Elves shoot 2 Swordsmen, Xbows kill a Knight.
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Empire 3: Halberdiers and Swordsmen move up, Knights and Flags hold, Xbows turn around. War Machines pound him. Grapeshot kill 2 Vendetta, flee. Both Mortars hit Besiegers and cause them to flee off the board.
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Dogs of War 4: Cavaliers charge Flagellants. No Magic gets through. 3 Knights die to flank Cannon shot, flee. 2 Halberdiers and 3 Xbows die to missle fire. Mercenary Prince fluffs his attacks, Cavaliers kill 5 Flagellants, who kill all 5 Cavaliers, combat is a push.
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Empire 4: Knights still flee. 9 Winds of Magic, Upgraded Pha on Halberdiers and Swordsmen. Shem's Gaze on Lvl 2 Mage, killing her. Mortar kills 7 Archers, Mortar kills 10 Crossbows. Both stay on board. Flagellants lose 1 to Prince, 0 wounds in return, win by Ranks, General flees and is run down.
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Battle continued with Vendetta killing the Cannon, finally. The Halberdiers killed the Paymaster and remaining Crossbowmen. The Elves were destroyed by Crossbow and Mortar fire. 2250 VPs to 100 VPs. Had I got any of the Melee armies I'd have been destroyed. Battle proves that Multiple Small Units are at a disadvantage vs War Machines and step up, especially T3 guys.

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