Sunday, March 13, 2011

Empire vs Dogs of War 2200 - Part 1

Special thanks to Steve G (Noght) for writing this battle report up for our game yesterday.

Quick Battle Report vs Dogs of War, 2200 points.

Kind of an odd scenerio: Torrential Downpour, -D3 magic/dispel dice each magic phase. Additional penalties to shooting and WarMachines...

(There were 10 Armies in the Tourney, 5 of would classify as Hand to Hand Armies: 4 WoC, 1 DoC, and 1 VC. I'm doomed if I draw one of those guys withe the shooting and magic penalties)

I ended up vs the Dog of War which was a fortunate match up for my Empire Army.

122 General of the Empire w/FPA, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might
161 Arch Lector w/Meteoric Armor and Ironcurse Icon, GW
220 Halberdiers x40 w/FC

133 BSB Captain w/FPA, Holy Relic, Biting Blade
265 Light Wizard Lord w/Talisman of Endurance, Dispel Scroll
145 Swordsmen x20 w/FC

300 Flagellants x30
254 Knightly Orders x10 w/Standard, Musician
185 Crossbow x20 w/Eternal Flame Standard, Musician

65 Master Engineer
150 Mortar x2
200 Cannon x2

Dogs of War:
Merchant Prince (General) & 5 Cavaliers
Lvl 4 Shadow Wizard Lord
Lvl 1 Life Wizard
Paymaster (BSB) & 15 Crossbowmen
Elf Ranger & 11 Merc Elves (Ambushers)
Braganza's Besiegers x10
Vespero's Vendetta x10
Rughad's Armored Orcs x10
Mercenary Ogre x3
Mercenary Cannon

Terrain and Deployment:
Click image for larger version    Name: Empire_Dogs_of_War_Aeria_1_Deployment.jpg  Views: 3  Size: 57.4 KB  ID: 107374

Dogs of War 1: Moved up his Ogres, Cavaliers, and Vendetta. Miasma in Halberdiers lowering Init, failed Pit of Shades. Out of Shooting range.
Click image for larger version    Name: Empire_Dogs_of_War_Aeria_1_Turn_1_Dogs_of_War.jpg  Views: 2  Size: 59.3 KB  ID: 107375

Empire 1: Knights, Halberdiers, Swordsmen and Flagellants all move up. Precision Artilery, bounced a cannon through 2 Orcs and put 2 wounds on Cannon. Bounced a second cannon through an Orc and put 2 wounds on Wizard Lord. Orcs fail Leadership and flee off the board. 2 wounds on Ogres from Xbows.
Click image for larger version    Name: Empire_Dogs_of_War_Aeria_1_Turn_1_Empire.jpg  Views: 1  Size: 64.5 KB  ID: 107376

Dogs of War 2: Moved his Wiz Lord into Besiegers Unit, moved up his Ogres and Cavaliers. Failed Vendetta charge on Cannon. Shot down 5 Halberdiers with Crossbow units.
Click image for larger version    Name: Empire_Dogs_of_War_Aeria_1_Turn_2_Dogs_of_War.jpg  Views: 1  Size: 62.4 KB  ID: 107377

Empire 2: Knights Charge Ogres, rest of Army moves up. Pha's Protection on Knights, Speed of Light on Flagellants. Kill one Vendetta with Grapeshot, Rain preventing other 3 artillery shots. Knights do 8 wounds to Ogres destroying them and overrunning towards Paymaster's unit.
Click image for larger version    Name: Empire_Dogs_of_War_Aeria_1_Turn_2_Empire.jpg  Views: 2  Size: 62.2 KB  ID: 107378

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