Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Screaming Down to Bloomington: Part Four


When it comes to hero level choices, I am required to take a paymaster for the army. The paymaster, unlike most BSB models, can purchase magical items. Also like a BSB, he dies if the unit he is in breaks.

Before talking about how I have decided to equip him, I should discuss where I am going to place him in my army. They way I have been playing him as of late is to place him with my ogre mercenaries. However, I am anticipating that I will need the paymaster to provide some additional support and take more of backseat roll. With that in mind, I have decided to kit him to be a supporting character that will pump up the unit he joins.

Looking at potential units, especially core choices, I believe the paymaster is best placed within a unit of crossbowmen. Of the crossbowmen units I will be using, I believe that a generic unit would be the best choice since I can also use a magical standard to really pump up the unit.

Since he is joining the unit to support it, I have decided to purchase a paychest and upgrade it to be a magical item. Of the choices for magical paychests, I have elected to go with the silver chest. The silver chest allows makes the paymaster and any unit he joins attacks magical.

Equipment: Heavy Armour, Shield
Traits: Master of Intrigue
Magic Items: Silver Paychest

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