Monday, March 7, 2011

Screaming Down to Bloomington: Part Two

Every army must begin with a general, and that is where I am starting with my force. When it comes to Dogs of War, there are three non-special character choices for the army. The first is a mercenary general, which is a rather generic choice that upgrades one unit of pikemen or cavaliers with a magic standard (assuming you want to spend the points). The second is a mercenary wizard lord, which is a generic level 3 wizard that can access one of the eight standard lores. IMO, this is a better option than the general only because of the spell-casting ability. The down side of a wizard is that base cost is almost double that of a general.

This leads us to the third option, which is the merchant prince. The merchant prince is a new unit that was added with the Indy GT list. Only slightly more than a mercenary general, it has two special rules that really enhance a Dogs of War army. The first of these rules is a superior magical standard rule that allows any non-RoR unit to purchase a magical standard. The key difference between this version of the rule and the mercenary general version is that this one allows me to upgrade a unit of crossbowmen with a magical standard. The second rule for the merchant prince allows for me to upgrade one non-RoR unit with either armour piercing or an additional +1 to a unit’s save.

Another interesting feature of the merchant prince is that he is allowed a maximum of 125 points in magic items. That is a huge advantage that allows for some very powerful combos that are not usually seen on lord level characters. Since the Waaagh Aerie’s event does not allow for special characters, the flexibility of the merchant prince allows me to recreate Borgio the Beseiger in a way that makes for a general that plays very similar to the special character.

Merchant Prince – 308 pts
Equipment: Barded Warhorse, Tilean Plate Armour
Traits: Grizzled Warrior and Boldness
Magic Items: Giant Sword, Talisman (4+ Ward Save), Enchanted Shield

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