Friday, March 18, 2011

Adepticon 2011: 1000 Point WFB Tournament - Part Three

I believe I am close to settling on a final list for the 1000 point tournament at Adepticon.


When it comes to this list, there are a couple of things that I still need to settle on.

1. I debate whether or not I should include a wizard. I fear that someone is going to show with a level 4 lord, but don't want to sink the points to match it. Another option would be to drop the tome and instead blow points on a Plaque of Chotec (dispel scroll plus on 4+ the spell is removed).

If I were to drop the wizard, I could include a simple Merchant Prince as a lord. This would allow me to upgrade the ogres to armour piercing and give the crossbowmen a flaming banner. Seems like it would give the overall army more punch, but at the price of being an easy target to magic.

2. I wonder if it is worth taking pavises on my crossbowmen. I like the 5+ save against shooting, but 2 points a pop is alot at this point level.

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