Thursday, March 17, 2011

Screaming Down to Bloomington: Aftermath

Last weekend, I attended the Waaagh Cast’s tournament at Gryfalia's Aerie in Bloomington, Illinois. The day started with a pleasant drive down that took me about 2.5 hours. I enjoyed a quick stop at Burger King to get some breakfast and arrived with plenty of time to check-in and get settled. I parked about a block from the store and made a couple of quick trips to bring my stuff inside.

As folks got settled, I enjoyed checking out the various armies. Everyone with the exception of me came to prepare for the Adepticon Championship tournament, so there were some beautiful armies on display. Sadly, this was my only regret for the day as I did not bring a camera with me to capture the festivities.


Since my opponent’s are writing battle reports for our games, I will skip discussing details about each game and just focus on the results and my views on the event. Overall, I came in dead last, which is what I was expecting. My army is very much a work in progress and without it being painted, I knew that I wasn’t actually in the running for anything. That said, I never felt like I was blown out of the water while playing. Things were close until the final turns when things would finally come apart.

In terms of the organization of the tournament, Chuck and Joe did an outstanding job. Even though folks were treating this event like a primer for Adepticon, the games always felt casual and welcoming. The scenarios were well written and varied enough that games didn’t feel repetitive or cookie cutter.

Another great thing about the event was that fact that everyone got two custom dice from the store. This may have been a small token, but it was nice to feel like I left with something even though I didn’t win anything.

Overall, the event was a blast. I am eager to hear when the next one is happening as I would like to make the trip down again. Hopefully the next one I attend will be on the slightly smaller side so I can field a fully painted army and have a chance at winning an award. Otherwise, I will just attend for another guaranteed day of pure fun.

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