Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garagehammer Campaign: End of Turn 2

So at the end of turn 2, this was the map (except that John's castle in A1 should be a city).

So there is no confusion when looking at the map, the VPs listed after the symbols are TOTAL VP. Meaning, Empty tiles AND castle tiles are each worth 1VP total. Cities are 2VPs total and your Capital is worth 3 total.

Here were the points

Ryan 23 (15 plus 8 for Headhunter)
Chris Yu 21 (17 plus 4 from Fortune Favors the Bold)
Grant 20
Christopher 17 (16 plus 1 carried over from last week)
Tom 19 (15 plus 4 carried from last week)
Harrison 8
Luke 8 (5 plus 3 carried over from last week)
John 5
Taz 5
Aaron 5 (4 plus 1 carried from last week)

Here's how everyone spent their points:
Ryan: G1, K1, castle in I1 (20 spent carry 3)
Chris Yu: G3, I3 (20 spent carry 1)
Grant: City L6, Castle/City J6 (20 spent carry 0)
Christopher: G5, I5 (16 spent carry 0)
Tom: B2+River Mine (16 spent carry 3)
Harrison: D6 (8 spent carry 0)
Luke: F6 (8 spent carry 0)
John: C1 (4 spent due to Land Grab carry 1)
Taz: Castle E1 (4 spent carry 1)
Aaron: Waiting to find out if he castles or carries. Either way it doesn't affect the actual tiles.

Strategic Events!
John: Building Boom (A1 upgraded from castle to city)
Taz: Building Boom (through PBttO) (E1 upgraded from a castle to a city)
Luke: War Tax
Harrison: Head Hunter
Chris Yu: All or Nothing
Christopher: Survey the Battlefield
Tom: Land Grab
Aaron: Fortune Favors the Bold
Ryan: Scouts
Grant: Praise Be to the Oracle

Random Events!
Luke: Fame/Infamy
Taz: Knowledge Boom
John: Fame/Infamy
Grant: All is Well
Christopher: All is Well
Harrison: Government Corruption (-70 Gold)
Chris Yu: Knowledge Boom
Tom: All is Well
Ryan: Knowledge Boom
Aaron: Knowledge Boom

Tom's Mine produced 30 gold
Grant's Mine produced 70 gold
Harrison's Mine produced 90 gold

Total gold earned this round:
Luke 175 (75 plus 100 for war tax)
Taz 100
John 100
Grant 245 (175+70 for mine)
Christopher 150
Harrison 95 (75+90 for mine-70 for Government Corruption)
Chris Yu 100
Tom 130 (100+30 for mine)
Ryan 100
Aaron 75

Here is how the current scores break down before the third game:
Christopher: 5 (1 city tile, 3 other tiles)
Grant: 5 (2 city tiles, 1 other tile)
Chris Yu: 4 (4 tiles)
Ryan: 4 (4 tiles)
Aaron: 3 (3 tiles)
Harrison: 3 (3 tiles)
John: 3 (1 city tile, 1 other tile)
Taz: 3 (1 city tile, 1 other tile)
Tom: 3 (1 city tile, 1 other tile)
Luke: 2 (2 tiles)

Here are the challenges!

Luke challenges Taz
John INVASION challenges Tom
Harrison challenges Christopher
Chris Yu challenges Grant
Aaron challenges Ryan

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