Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adepticon 2011: Dogs of War vs. 8th Edition Night Goblins

The battle with the lizardmen had taught the coin collectors a valuable lesson; you sometimes need to be luck in order to win a battle. The paymaster didn’t want the army’s next encounter to come down to chance, so he ordered them to move to the southern part of the village.

Within the confines of the village, the ogres moved the cannon to the top of a sturdy building. At the same time, the Marksmen took position to the west of the building, setting up to rain death upon the open field that separated different sections of the town. As for Vespero, he stayed to the shadows and continued to scout the sections of the village that the army had already passed thru earlier in the day.

It didn’t take long before the signs of a new invader appeared on the darkening horizon. The bickering of goblins, lots of goblins, could be heard making their way towards the Coin Collector’s position. As they approached, the paymaster reached for the magical scroll the client had given him. As he unrolled it, he saw the image of a goblin shaman; an image that matched the goblin that was leading the horde towards them.


For the second round of the afternoon 1000 point tournament at Adepticon, I was matched up against Jack Green and his night goblin horde. About the height of an actual goblin, this young man came to play, and I knew age wasn’t going to be relevant to the outcome of our game. He was playing an 8th edition night goblin list, so I have to admit I was surprised and a bit concern. Trying not to make a scene, I did a quick check with Alex, the TO, to make sure that was legal. He said it was, so I was fine with playing it.

As one would expect with a night goblin list, there were a horde of night goblins. One of the units was 40+ strong, while the other two were in the 20’s. His army also had two mangler squids and a unit of squig hoppers. Leading all of these greenskins was a night goblin shaman. It was a cool army (the kind I wanted to see in the tournament), so playing it was going to be a treat.



When it came to deploying my army, I elected to deploy the cannon on top of a building. Beside the building I placed the ogres and Cursed Company. To the west, I placed my wizard and Marksmen. Finally, I scouted Vespero to take easy control of my opponent’s deployment zone.

Early Turns

The early turns of the game saw the goblin horde push forward. Since they were lacking range, I used my shooting attacks to dwindle down the large block of night goblins. Magic for the first two turns was uneventful, with a few minor causalities on each side.


Middle Turns

The middle turns saw the most action as the goblins started to reach my lines. During the magic phase, my opponent was able to move the large block of night goblins close enough to unleash his fanatics. They did some damage, but not enough to cause any panics or disruptions of my forces.
In turn, I continued to use the cannon to dwindle down the goblins and squigs. I was able to kill both mangler squids with shooting. I was also able to kill his great shaman with Final Transmutation.

Late Turns

The last turns of the game were basically me avoiding the goblins that were in range and losing the Cursed Company to the squig hoppers. I also lost the ogres to the combined punch of fanatics and a unit of night goblins. In exchange, I continued to dwindle down what remained.



Jack did an excellent job of focusing on making sure to wipe out units. I did not do the same, so for an instant; it had appeared that I may have lost this one. However, upon reading the scenario rules for victory point s, I was able to claim the bonus points for killing his general, so suddenly the game was a lot tighter. In the end, Jack had 479 to my 433 which meant we had a draw.

What really helped me this round was the bonus battle points. I was able to kill his general and keep mine alive. In addition, I was able to keep enough of his forces out of my deployment zone while sneaking Vespero into Jack’s d-zone. In the end, I had 20 battle points for the second round.

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