Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garagehammer Campaign - Dogs of War vs Orcs and Goblins

I am in a bit of a writing slump at the moment, so I am only going to provide a brief recap of the game I played this week. This week’s game was for the Garagehammer campaign. I had been challenged by Luke and his orc and goblin army.

I really liked the mix of units that Luke brought to the table. Of particular note was the arachnorak spider that he brought to the battle. This was my first time facing the unit, so I was interested to see what it could do on the battlefield. Other things of note included two bolt throwers, one orc shaman, one night goblin shaman, and a good size unit of boar boyz. Finally, credit to Luke for making his own magic cards. They were a very cool idea!

I pretty much brought the usual stuff for my Dogs of War. I had actually forgotten 4 ogres for the game, so I ended up playing short by about a 100 points from what I was originally planning. Not a huge deal and since this league is for fun, I wasn’t worried if I would be at a disadvantage.

When it came to my approach, I knew I had the advantage when it came to shooting, so I needed to maximize what I could accomplish during that part of my turn. I used Vespero as a speed bump unit to slow the approach of the boar boyz. I also backed them up with the ogres who could accept the overrun charge Vespero was defeated by the warboss.

As for the giant spider, I gambled and sent in my merchant prince and knights to tackle it. I honestly didn’t expect for them to defeat it, but I thought it would be enough to slow it down. The first couple rounds between the units resulted in me doing a few wounds and the spider killing everyone but my prince. The later rounds of combat saw my prince killing the spider by breaking it in combat and running it down.

Across the board, Ruglud’s orcs spent 5 turns exchanging fire with a unit of orcs with bows. Each turn we would dwindle down each side by a model or two. Finally on turn 5, Ruglud broke and ran off the board.

At the end of the game, I had won by a difference of ~860 points. Like my last campaign game, what won it for me was not having many units completely wiped out. I also think focusing on a unit until it has been wiped out has really helped me with my last few games.

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