Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Children of Avarice

The Children of Avarice – Part One

The Children of Avarice are a long term project that has been floating around in my head since the new Beastmen book was released. My original idea was to build a list around centigors, but considering the current cost of them and my lack of time to flesh out an army with a large model count, I came up with a companion theme. This particular theme, while extremely interesting to me, will likely garner a lot of complaints when it comes to the composition crowd.

The basic idea of this army is to build a diorama of a herdstone being built. Since it is a new one, the foundation of the list will focus on shamans. The basic 1000 points will contain three shamans, one greater shaman and two lesser ones. The idea is that the greater shaman is leading the “dedication” of the new herdstone and the lesser ones are assisting him.

The core choices for this army will be three chariots and either a regiment of ungors or gors. I am leaning towards gors as I see them acting as guards around the construction site. The chariots on the other hand will not be chariots, but “wagons” hauling large stones to be used in the construction process.

Since these stones will be large, they are going to need someone to lift them. To meet this need, I am going to include a giant in the list. In general I dislike the rules for a giant, but I truly hate the spawn models and minotaurs don’t seem big enough to be lifting the stones that are needed for the altar.

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