Monday, April 4, 2011

Adepticon 2011: Part Six

While I still intend to write up a battle report for each of my games, I wanted to cap off my series of articles about Adepticon with some closing thoughts about the tournament, the convention, and everything else related to it.

Forgeworld – While the wait was long, I do have to admit that I enjoyed just hanging with my fellow gamers and talking about stuff. I wish they would have had a couple more sneak peeks in the display case, but considering Adepticon was the same weekend as the Forgeworld Open Day, I understand the reason for not having them.

Westin – A great location. I liked how the various rooms were divided by system. I also liked the fact that there were a ton of places to eat outside the hotel.

Vendors – A nice assortment of vendors. Enjoyed digging thru the bins of old models at the one booth.

1000 Point Tournament – The main reason for me attending this year was to play WFB in a format that I enjoy. I like smaller sized games and was eager to see how the big show does what Invasion Kenosha has been doing for years.

Scenarios – I really like how the scenarios were done. The victory point approach with multiple table and unit objectives made for games that had a lot of depth without being overly complex from a rules standpoint. I also really liked how the sheets were organized. I will post them starting next week as part of my weekly Monday Mission segment.

Opponents – This was the first Adepticon I have ever attended where I did not have a single bad opponent or experience while gaming. There is something about smaller games which bring out the best in people, and that is what I experienced on Friday. My favorite memory from the tournament was playing beside Ian during round two and joking around about wanting to play each other. At the start of round three, we got paired together, but were re-paired because two players had already been matched up in a prior round. Finally, in round four, we got paired together and I had a blast playing against his Vampire Counts. We joked about my Cursed Company getting into h2h with his forces and the first chance I had, I charged his Grave Guard with them. (Screw tactics! This was about having fun.)

Awards/Prizes – I am very proud to announce that I won Best Appearance. While winning Overall would have been cool, Best Appearance means the most to me, so winning it was something special in my opinion. I received a box set of Dark Elf Shades and a DE Sorceress in addition to my very nice plaque. The best part of winning the award didn’t even occur at Adepticon. When I got home that night, my daughter was awakened by me trying to come in quietly. When she saw me she asked if I had won and I got to show her my award. She was so excited that she started to cheer and jump up and down. All the time, effort, and cash I spent going to Adepticon was worth it for that one moment.

Final Impressions – I had a great time and am leaning towards going again next year. If I do go again, I think I will stick to the smaller events and avoid the big ones as that seems to be where all the heated discussions are coming from today. Again, my opinion of Adepticon has been changed from the last time I was there, so a huge thanks to Alex, Andrew, and everyone else that worked the WFB room.

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