Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adepticon 2011: Dogs of War vs. Lizardmen (Round 3)

Night had settled upon the town as the lizardmen crept into the village. They came seeking revenge for their comrades that had fallen earlier in the day. If not for the presence of the Cursed Company, the stealthy approach of the chameleon skinks would not have been detected before it was too late.

I went into round three of the Adepticon tournament with 40 battle points and a 1-0-1 record. My opponent for the third game was Jormiboced from the Waaagh Cast forums. He was playing a lizardmen army with 3 salamanders, 2 small units of chameleon skinks, a unit of skinks, a large unit of saurus warriors, a skink priest and a saurus hero.


Early Turns
I wish there was a lot to write, but the early game was really about two things. First, the chameleon skinks were just devastating. I had not faced them before, so I was ill prepared for all of the harm they could do, especially considering there were only six models in each unit. The other major factor for the game was the chain lightening that just kept jumping and killing large numbers of models.

Middle Turns
I should have gambled more and taken a shot at the saurus hero with my cannon. Dropping it would have gotten me the game, but I didn’t like the odds so I continued to focus on dwindling numbers. I did some damage, but with both units of salamanders closing the gap, it wasn’t nearly enough to change the course of the battle.

Late Turns
There wasn’t really much of a late game. I tried to charge the skink priest with my remaining ogre, but failed to make it.

In Conclusion
Jormiboced played an excellent game with a solid army. I made a lot of mistakes that he was quick to capitalize upon, so he deserves all the credit on the win. I ended up getting 5 points for the loss and a good helping of experience.

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