Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Rival List for 04/17/2010

8. Whiskey & 40K
Almost ten years ago, I developed a tournament series called K'Wars. One of the big aspects of the series was the PST format that I developed and used. Adepticon liked the format so much that they approached me to use it for their 40K scenarios. Since that time, the format has evolved and changed as it has passed from one event to the next. This post is a very interesting application of the PST format that uses the secondary and tertiary missions as tie-breakers. Nice twist on the format and a better approach than what Adepticon is now doing with the PST plus various bonus points.

7. iNecromancer
A short battle report video of Noise Marines vs Space Wolves. A decent recap of the game injected with music, battle pictures and major events from each turn. Less than 3 minutes, the video gives a nice recount of the game without dragging on like alot of battle report videos I have seen.

6. Pathfinder
A nice look Tau piranha. The rotating picture is very cool.

5. Mind of McClure
A very interesting dryad conversion taking shape. I like the creative use of dryad and daemonette bitz.

4. Blitzspears Lab
WIP Inquisitor. Can't make out what is being used for the "chainmail" parts of the model, but would love to find out. Cool conversion.

3. The Quiet Limit of the World
A painted Vargulf model. I like the greyish skin tones and think the color contrasts well with the brown hair and bone.

2. Warhammer 40k Blinde
A nicely painted manticore.

1. Bunker Hill
WOW... This deserves a double WOW. A magnificent Chaos Lord. Easily Golden Daemon standard.

Honorable Mention...

The Raven's Realm
A breathtaking regiment of elven knights.

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