Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Rival List for 04/03/2010

The Rival List for 04/03/2010

10. FoxPhoenix's 40K
Don't see alot of posts showing off anything BFG related. I also kind of agree with his statement about the cost of commissar models.

9. Saguaro Painting
I believe these are LoTR dwarves. Either way, nice paint job that should make Saguaro's client very happy.

8. Space Wolves
A pretty good article about the current state of Dark Angels.

7. Eldar Addict
While I dislike the current trend to release rules for new units without a model available, I have to admit that it has inspired the community to create some great stuff. This Parasite of Mortrex is a good example of that inspiration turned into reality.

6. 40K Campaign Cologne
A great list of five things for newbies and veterans to consider when starting an army.

5. Way of Saim-Hann
A good article about the current state of the game and whether or not the first turn is critical to winning the game.

4. Military of Ultramar
I find it very inspirational to see other people complete their hobby projects. This Ultramarine army (counts as Deathwing) is a great reminder of how all that hard work and time can result in a great looking army.

3. Musings of a Metal Mind
These conversions are so alien, so different, so amazing that I can't really say more about them.

2. Kult of Khaine
Nothing hotter than a violent, naked, female elf. A very good conversion and paint job on a special character not normally seen running around on her feet.

1. The Painting Corps
I had to do a double take when I saw this model as the paint scheme is similar to mine. Lovely work and a great alternative color scheme from the one in the Tau Empires book.

Honorable Mention

Drazhar's Miniworks
Very original harpy conversions.

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