Monday, April 12, 2010

The Podcast Junkie for 04/12/2010

This Week's Podcast...

The Gamers Lounge - Episode 4

The discussion about Adepticon was the most honest and balanced discussion I heard this week on any of the podcasts talking about it. Personal opinions aside, it was a good talk about the event and what worked and didn't work for the hosts.

The discussion about blogging and tournaments in general was also decent and thought provoking. The show had a guest who I would describe as being the polar opposite of me in terms of views on the hobby. Nothing wrong with that, as he presented his points well and made for an interesting podcast.

The sound quality is getting better, but could still use some improvement. Overall though, for only having four episodes, I feel this show has earned a place with some of the more established podcasts.


  1. Thanks for the feedback and the recognition! Glad to see the blogging community picking up and enjoying the cast!

  2. I was willing to give them a break on the quality for the last episode, since it was a live recording.

    I've really enjoyed listening to their opinions on the game in general. Much more interesting than some other podcasts that just rehash the latest news headlines from BOLS.

  3. Don't get me wrong, the sound quality is not a deal breaker, just something I noticed as I could barely hear the one host during some points in the conversation.

    I did listen to the podcast again yesterday and I find myself really disagreeing with the guest about blogging and running tournaments. Again, difference of opinions, but I believe tournaments should celebrate their own spin on the game and not try to be homogenous.