Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Rival List for 04/10/2010

10. DZER0
We usually see Eldar Harlequins in very complex color schemes. DZER0 decided to go with something a little less complex but just as eye catching.

9. Inquisitor Lord Aki
A decent battle report that highlights playing a Kill Team mission.

8. Watching Paint Dry
Last week's big release was the Blood Angels. Needless to say, alot of nice paint jobs using the new models were posted. Watching Paint Dry was able to get ahold of the new Sanguinary Guard early and painted them up for the April 3rd release.

7. Zen 40000
Not a huge fan of the gold look on the Blood Angel elites. Thankfully, Zen 40000 decided to do an alternative color scheme for his Sanguinor. The white body and red wings is a nice combination.

6. On Death's Wing
I have been pondering the idea of working on a Kill Team after my current projects. This review of the format by ODW helped to inspire me to consider adding that Kill Team to my current projects.

5. Space Wolves
With the release of the blood angels, the theme that most interests me is the all jump pack army. While the list in this post is not my ideal list, the article itself is a great read and very informative, especially if playing against the list with Space Wolves.

4. Spear of Russ
I really like the painting on this unit. The colors are crisp and clean.

3. Corbania Prime
Very nice tank... I really like the purple/pink plasma coils and the overall gritty feel of the tank.

2. Ricalopia
A very interesting Eldar Avatar which is unlike any I have seen before. Not sure if it is a conversion or a model from another line. The fire dragons in the same post are awesome and Doomy the wraithguard boy made me chuckle. One great post.

1. John's Toy Soldiers
The pictures say everything about this very cool squad of arbites. Of particular interest to me is the use of blue and the very cool clear shields.

Honorable Mention...

Excessive Gamer
The bottomline is that this is a rant. One man's view of the current hobby and their perception of it. I cannot say that I agree with everything stated in it, but I do feel glad to have read it, if for no other reason than it allowed me to self reflect. I do hope that the golden age of the hobby that is mentioned in the post does return, as I remember it fondly.

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