Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fantasy Thursdays: Preparing for Vanguard - Part One

The N.I.M.G.C. tournament is a 1500 point WFB tournament being held in DeKalb, Illinois (~2 hours from downtown Chicago) on July 10th, 2010. I have been a fan of the club's 40K tournaments for awhile and was very excited to see them hosting their first WFB tournament.

When it came time to decide on an army for the tournament, my original decision was to field a Vampire Counts army. I have been working on a skeleton theme for awhile and thought this tournament would be a great opportunity for me to focus on that project. As I worked through various lists and ideas, I kept finding myself going back to the Dogs of War PDF and thinking about how much I enjoyed them back in 5th edition. It wasn’t long before I decided that instead of VC, I would field a DoW army at Vanguard.

Having collected Dogs of War since 5th edition, my collection is based primarily around the various regiments of renown (RoR). When the game moved to 6th edition, the updates to the DoW list were such that my army was unfieldable without me making some major changes. It was at this point that I elected to strip my army and basically place it on the shelf until a new book was released. Needless to say, a new book has not arrived, but that has not deterred me from wanting to revisit my old army.

Since my collection is composed primarily of regiments of renown, I have decided to stick with what I own for the most part when it comes to building an army. With that said, I also want to have some kind of strategy and maybe, just maybe, the army will tell a bit of a story visually once it is completed.

When it comes to the tactical theme of the army, I had to think long and hard about what I would like to play. I am a monsters and magic kind of guy, so an army with a heavy helping of both flavors is always inspirational for me to build. The problem is that at 1500 points, neither monsters nor magic are a strong option in a DoW army. This lead me to think more about what I do like in the DoW line and what could I do that would be fun for me to play. After a lot of self reflection, I decided to go with a shooting heavy army that can swing back with a bit of gusto when needed.

With a general idea of how I will play the army, I went about picking the first couple units that I would paint and prepare for the army. What I have ended up with for the first 6 weeks of work are a couple of choices that go completely against the general strategy of the army but were a lot of fun to paint.

In Two Week: Vespero's Vendetta

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