Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fantasy Thursdays: Preparing for Vanguard - Part Two

The choice to include Vespero’s Vendetta in my army is based purely on my love of the models and fluff. After the Dark Emissary, Vespero’s Vendetta has been one of my all time favorite units and models. While I will never claim that it is the best core choice I could have made, I couldn't be happier knowing that it will be in my army.

While the models for the RoR are over 15 years old, I still think they hold up well compared to more recent releases. When it came to painting to the unit, I went with a color scheme that allowed me to use the unit in most of my other fantasy armies (primarily vampire counts, but I can also fit the unit into my chaos forces and ogres).

One of the important factors in completing this unit was determining the skin tone of Vespero and his men. Since I was bringing a DoW army, I was going to be painting a fair share of humans (or similar). I ended up using the color scheme that was published on the GW website and can be found here. It is simple enough and while not as dramatic as my IG skintone or the tone I used with my earlier ogres, it is easy to replicate and looks good across ranked units.

I plan on beginning to playtest the unit in May, but before that time, my current vision for the unit is to use it primarily to cut-off advancing enemies that get to close to my firing lines. Since the unit size is small, I don’t feel it would serve well as a warmachine hunting unit, but I could be wrong. I am looking forward to learning what the final role of this unit will be in the army.

In Two Weeks: The Cursed Company

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