Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fantasy Thursdays: Vanguard Appearance Scoring

On April 7th, the rubric for paint judging was posted on the Vanguard website.

Painting Scoring
N.I.M.G.C. Judges will judge each army on the first 6 Painting categories.
A. The army looks like a cohesive force. (3 points)
B. The army is colored in a pleasing and consistent manner. (2 points)
C. The army uses highlighting or shading techniques to add depth and lighting to the models.(1 point)
D. Character models and army centerpieces stand out. (2 point)
E. Time was taken to paint the details of the models/units to bring out the individuality of the army (i.e. gems, lenses, ribbons, etc). (1 point)
F. The units of similar models are similarly painted but recognizable as belonging to different units (1 point)

N.I.M.G.C. Judges will be involved in the last 2 Painting Marks.
A. The army is in the top 10% of armies represented at this tournament. (3 points)
B. The army is THE top army represented at this tournament. (8 points)

The Last 9 Points are for Converting and Basing of the Army
A. All models have basing material or paint (1 point)
B. All models are based in a consistent or cohesive manner (1 point)
C. Some Models have been converted or dynamically posed. (2 points)
D. Some models have extensive and intricate basing. (2 points)
E. All models have extensive and intricate basing. (3 points)

Each Judge (their will be 2 judges) will score each player. The judges two scores for your army will be averaged and that will be your final score.

My overall thoughts are that the system is pretty standard, which is a good thing. I am feeling confident about getting the majority of the painting category points, but the basing and converting section may be a bit of a challenge. I have never been one to do extensive bases, so I worry that I could lose around 5 points off my total appearance score if I don’t meet the TO’s opinion of the definition. The good news is that he provided some examples of what he considers “extensive” on the N.I.M.G.C. forums. I believe I can update some of my future units to better meet this requirement, but the first couple units are pretty much set at this point.

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