Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WaaaghCast Cup: Kalima Killers Week #2

The arena was flooded with the smells of bloodweiser, dirt, and sweaty men as the skeletal members of the Kalima Killers stepped onto the pitch. This was the second stop on their tour of the northern wastes and they were focused on facing the brutality that was the hallmark of the norse teams. What the Killers would learn is that this tendency towards violence was purely a cover for a skilled offense determined to put points on the board.

The first half began with the Northern Knuckleheads receiving the opening kick-off. The ball had no sooner landed into the hands of one drunken norseman, that his drinking buddies ganged up on the two tomb guardians on one side of the field and clobbered them into the turf. With one side of the field open, the Northern Knuckleheads had an open shot to the end zone. As they moved the ball, the Killers responded by working over the norsemen and proceeding to knock them out one at a time. At the point in which the Knuckleheads stepped into the end zone to score, six members of the team had been carted off due to being knocked out.

As the crowds cheered the first score of the game, the lovely norse cheerleaders went to work on reviving their team. As the referee whistled for kick-off, only two of the norsemen were able to regain enough consciousness to step back on the field. Having the advantage, the Killers made their move on the endzone. As they moved in for a touchdown, another member of the Knuckleheads was brought down, this time with an injury. With the close of the first half, the Killers scored to tie the game at 1-1.

The second half started with the Killers receiving the kick-off, though not actually picking up the ball. As the teams only Thro-Ra picked up the ball, one of the tomb guardians tripped over an empty beer mug causing a turnover. The Knuckleheads capitalized on the opening and swarmed the ball. Not being able to match the speed of their opponents, the Killers could only watch as the Knuckleheads scored for the second time.

As if the ancient gods of Khemri had turned on their followers, the Killers found themselves once again in a bad situation as another tomb guardian fell while trying to tackle an opponent out of bounds. The roar of the Knuckleheads could be heard across the northern wastes as they moved to snap up the ball and run it into the endzone for the last score of the game. The game concluded with the Knuckleheads getting in one more shot on the Killers and putting one of their players on the injured list.

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