Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The WaaaghCast Cup: Kalima Killers Week #4

A green mist settled onto the field as the Hellsburg Stealers took to the field. The skaven needed every advantage they could get against the undead might of the Kalima Killer's front four, so flooding the field with warpstone mist was just another tactic in their arsenal. If the Killers took notice of the mist, they gave no sign of it.

The game began with the Stealers receiving the opening kick-off. Gutter runners quickly dodged the front four of the opposition and moved into a position to receive the deep ball. Having not anticipated the speed of the ratmen, the Killers were caught off guard as they skillfully moved the ball towards the endzone. The crowd went wild as the double hand-off lead to an early lead for the Stealers in the second turn.

The Stealers would find themselves quickly returning the ball to the endzone in the fourth turn as a well placed blitz resulted in a loss ball. The Killers attempted to retreive the ball, but undead hands could not compare to nimble rodent claws. The Stealers drove into the endzone as the Killers turned on the slower rats and began to put them on the bench.

As the teams began to set-up for the next kick, the warpstone mist finally made its way to the hordes of cheering fans in the stands. A riot broke out on the pitch. Having lost control of the game, the refrees needed to turn back the clock by a turn to reestablish order. This gave the Killers a much needed chance to make the slow drive into the Stealer's endzone and score their only point of the game.

As the halftime show played on the field, the skaven engineers increased the levels of mist pouring into the stadium. As the teams stepped back onto the field, the results of the engineers' efforts took shape in the form of a rain storm. In moments, the sandy turf of the Killer's stadium became a quicksand trap that hindered everyone. The ball slide around the field as players from both teams attemoted to snag it. In the end though, the skaven were able to slide it into the endzone and score twice before the game concluded.

The game ended with a final score of 4-1. As the teams left the field, the Stealer's couch could be seen handing a large bag of coins to another skaven, one with the marks of clan Moulder. As for the lowly Kalima Killers, their coach could be heard yelling about someone needing to learn how to tackle.

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