Thursday, January 31, 2013

Episode 10 - Chafing on Chaff

Greetings and welcome to episode 10 of the Unstable Dice Podcast, the fastest growing podcast recorded out of my office. Starting with this episode, we are now posting episodes about two weeks after they have been recorded, so a few of the references at the beginning are going to sound dated. The reason for doing this was to allow me to release two episodes a month that were reasonably sized instead of releasing one gigantic episode each month. It also gives me a chance to invite more guests onto the show and do a better job of editing each episode.

With regards to the audio quality of the show, I hope people are finding that the more recent episodes are sounding better. Thanks to some very helpful feedback from David Witek, I have been able to make some improvements to the sound quality. Our goal with the show is to improve the quality of it while still maintaining the feel of a couple of guys sharing their experiences and thoughts about the hobby.

Going into this episode, the main topic of this episode is chaff. We talk about what it means to have chaff in your Warhammer Fantasy army and how to use it. Once we define what chaff means to us, we explore the various army books and talk about which units from each book we would consider to be chaff. Before all of that though, we raise our standards and marshal the host once again.

Lastly, this episode has an additional audio section that is available to folks who subscribe to the podcast. These additional mini-episodes are intended to fill in little things that may be more time sensitive, such as tournament announcements and news about upcoming episodes.  Quick tip of the hat to Ben Curry and the Bad Dice Podcast for being the inspiration for these mini-episodes.

Episode Timeline
0:17 Opening Discussion
10:05 Marshaling the Host 
48:00 Chaff in Warhammer Fantasy
01:21:35 End of Episode Discussion

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