Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Waaaghcast Cup: Kalima Killers Week #5

Snotlings scurried to gather the pile of teeth that had been thrown into the betting pit of the orc team. The orcs had a feeling that this would be a good old fashion bet down, so they were betting on who would cause the most bruises in the game. With the last of the bets placed and collected, the orc team began to chant their team motto.

"Crush, Crush, what a rush... Smash those mummies into mush."

The chanting continued until the team was worked up into a fevor and went screaming onto the field. The crowd erupted into cheers and brawls as the orc team took to the field. Finally there was a team on the pitch that would do something other than stand motionlessly like the Kalima Killers. The Killers had been on the field since the prior night, but had not moved since getting into their positions for kickoff.

The first half was a one sided affair as the orcs used a simple plan called pop and run to score two touchdowns. How pop and run works is that the orcs pop the closest skeleton and then run with the ball after it is dropped by the opposition. If there was a bright spot for the Killers, it would have been them being able to knock out the orc's star goblin player.

The second half was more of the same as the orcs continued to break skulls and score touchdowns. The orcs didn't have much trouble enforcing their green will on the Khemri team. The game concluded with the Killers taking a few cheapshots on some of the less experienced orc players.

After the game, the orc team rushed eagerly back into their locker room; each player on the team assuming they had won the bet. To their shock, they discovered that the equipment manager had won the bet. Seemed none of the players realized that a team composed of skeletons and mummies cannot actually be bruised. The orcs are now looking for a new equipment manager.

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