Monday, January 14, 2013

Episode 9 - Basing the Discussion on Arcticon

The first episode of 2013 has dropped.  Andrew and John begin this episode by talking about the 40K events at Adepticon.  Next, the guys catch-up on what they have been doing in the hobby.  Afterwards, they talk about basing models for this episode's Hobby Corner.  The episode concludes with an interview of John Ontto, the TO of this year's Arcticon Fantasy Tournament.

Episode Timeline
0:17 Adepticon 2013 40K Events
25:40 Marshalling the Host
53:23 Hobby Corner: Basing Models
1:27:42 Arcticon 2013 Interview (Guest John Ontto)

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  1. Thanks to listener feedback, a revised episode with improved audio has now been posted.