Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Waaagh Aeries VI: DoW vs. Dwarves Battle Report (Round 3)

“Dirty, Stinking Dwarves,” mumbled the Paymaster has he readied his army. “Nothing I dislike more than short hairy guys that don’t know how to use soap and find any excuse they can to drink excessively”.

Hearing his lord begin his standard diatribe about dwarves, Bert, the paymaster’s ever faithful servant ran to retrieve the anti-dwarf chest that was kept on the wagon. Once he returned with it, he quickly opened it to reveal it filled with small bundles of dried flowers. Grabbing one such bundle, Bert quickly tied it to the Paymaster’s face, positioning it just below his nose.

Acknowledging the fragrant defense, the Paymaster spoke, “I might need to fight those ugly bastards, but I sure don’t need to smell them”.

My apologies in advance as I misplaced my notes from the last game and may not have all the details correct from my last game. For the third round of Waaagh Aeries VI, I was matched up against Cody and his dwarves.

Cody’s Army
Dwarf Lord w/ anvil
2 Cannons
1 Organ gun
1 unit of Thunderers
3 other units of Dwarves

The Scenario
The scenario was Blood and Glory with some bonus points for keeping your BSB alive. If an army didn’t have a BSB, one of the army’s standards was upgraded to a gold standard for the bonus points, and though it did not get all of the bonuses a normal BSB would receive.


Early Turns
The first turn of the game only had a single event, but it was a critical one. Cody’s dwarf lord on an anvil blew up after failing a misfire check twice. With the anvil gone, my magic phases became a lot stronger. I shot a couple of dwarves, but that was about it.

Middle Turns
The middle of the game was me pushing around some ogres and Voland’s unit while Cody shot at them. I was able to get Voland into close combat with one of Cody’s war machines and wipe it out. I tried doing the same on the other side of the table with my ogre mercenaries, but I didn’t survive the initial charge. I again shot a couple of dwarves.


Late Turns
The late turns of the game saw my Cursed Company dying to a unit of dwarves and Voland wiping out a second warmachine. Cody was able to do some precision shooting with his cannon and wiped out Mr. Madness towards the end of the game. I shot a couple more dwarves.

The game ended with us having a victory point difference of ~38 points. Similar to my first game, the results are really due to a pair of unlucky rolls by Cody at the start of the game. If that wouldn’t have occurred, my units would have been gunned down before I could have reached his lines.

Lessons Learned…
1. My deployment for the last game was very sloppy and really played a huge part of why I couldn’t accomplish anything. In particular, I placed the Marksmen in such a position that they pretty much did nothing but shoot a couple of dwarves each turn.

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