Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waaagh Aeries VI: The Aftermath

The results from Waaagh Aeries VI were...

Best Overall: Paul Vinton(DE)
2nd Overall: Jake Murphy (Brets)

Best General: Tim Waeyaert(DE)
2nd Best General: Steve G. (WE)

Best Painted: Andrew Karolus(TK)
2nd Best Painted: John Gaszak (DoW)

Best Sportsmanship: Kevin Fleming (Dwarfs)
2nd Brandon Prouty (Lizardmen)

Name/Army/Painting Rank/Battle Rank/Overall Rank
John Gaszak DoW 2 7 4
Kevin Fleming Dwarfs 5 10 9
Cody Svientek Dwarfs 10 4 8
Andrew Karolus Tomb Kings 1 6 6
Paul Vinton Dark Elves 4 2 1
Steve Grunswold Wood Elves 7 5 5
Aaron Lacey Beastmen 11 12 12
Brandon Prouty Lizardmen 8 11 11
Jake Murphy Bretonnians 3 3 3
Tim Waeyaert Dark Elves 6 1 2
Chris Walker VC 9 8 10
Chuck Jiardina Ogres 9 7

Overall, it was another great day spent in Bloomington, Illinois. The scenarios were pretty straight forward without any of the game breaking surprises that I have seen at other tournaments hosted by the Waaagh Cast. I would have liked to have received my own copy of each scenario, but having them posted on the walls was fine for an event of this size.

When it came to my opponents, all of them were great and I would be happy to play them again.  I also had a blast hanging with Andrew for the drive down and back, and hopefully we can do it again in the summer.  

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