Sunday, January 22, 2012

Around the Net: Warcast and Warriors of the Apocalypse

Avatars of War, the coolest mini company in the world and a very proud sponsor of Invasion Kenosha for the last 3 years has made some big announcements this week.

Gaelion from the AoW forum wrote the following:
We are totally excited at AoW about this new medium, it feels very much like a mix between plastic and resin, and the original sculpts can have more undercuts even than those for metal, due to the elasticity of the moulds, which allows us to sculpt really cool regiments. The detail definiton is frankly awesome.
It glues very easily and strong with superglue, and is very easy to cut.

Another great thing is that as the sculpting is done 1:1, it allows us to put out multi-part regiments much faster. We hope to release a new regiment every two months using War-cast.

This first War-cast release is a multi-part regiment, 20 multi-part minis, torsos/legs/arms/heads (20 different ones!)/different weapon combos, command accessories, ... for a hint to what it is: Apoc, War :D Price for War-cast will be not as cheap as plastic, but still very affordable for building regiments, and seeing the detail definition I really thyink is worth the small difference.

Pieces do not come in a big sprue, they come in small plastic bags, organized by type (trosos, legs, heads, ...).

At the moment, as manufacturing is taken in-house here at AoW and we've done the "minimum" setup (only one new plastic-resin casting machine), War-cast products will be available at the AoW online shop only, once we see how it is received, if it sells well enough in the future we'll invest to increase our plastic-resin production and sell it to retailers and distributors together with metal and plastic regiments. Time will tell!

Credit to Dakkadakka and the AoW forum for the images and information.

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  1. This sounds so much like finecast that it's scary. A mix between plastic and resin? increased detail? increased price? easy to superglue and work with?

    Don't get me wrong, I am hopeful, the picture looks cool, and I want to see how it goes.