Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waaagh Aeries VI: Andrew "Dr. Jones" K. Battle Reports

The following Battle Reports are from Andrew "Dr. Jones" K, who went to Waaagh Aeries VI with me.  I would just like to point out that everytime someone has carpooled with me down to Bloomington, they have walked away winning an award.


Andrew's Tomb King List
High Liche Priest - Dragonbane gem, lvl 3
Liche Priest - Ironcurse icon, lvl 2
Ramhotep the Visionary
30 Skeleton Archers - full command
30 Skeleton Archers - full command
3 Chariots - musician, banner, Flaming banner
Tomb Scorpion
3 Sepulchral Stalkers
3 Sepulchral Stalkers

It's my concept of the "infamous Khalida list," simply because I came up with this right when the book came out, long before it was cool ;). It's nicer because it's not 90 archers in one blob, and it's far less overall. The idea behind the list is as such: The skeletons form a line, one in front of the other. The Hierotitan stands out front to take charges and block my own. Khalida and Ramhotep stay in the front archer unit, and with the hierotitan blocking my charges I don't have to test for frenzy. The casters get the bonus casting dice to make them essentially lvl 3-4+ while the Chariots and Sphinx deal with flankers. Stalkers and scorpion pop up behind to deal with warmachines/small units. Works fine in theory and has done so on the table.

Game 1 vs Wood Elves (Steve)
Steve's List:Spell Weaver - Life, HoD arrow
Altar Noble
Altar Noble
20 Glade Guard
14 Glade Guard
10 Dryads
10 Wardancers
10 Wardancers
3 Treekin

Scenario: Battleline, with extra points for getting a character to the other side of the table.

Suffice to say, this went bad because I didn't even stick to my battle plan as outlined at the beginning, and because of dice. The only thing I did well at was getting power dice (after which I poofed those rolls). Pretty much everything sucked, I made the mistake of having Khalida leave to kill an Altar noble and fail, and the Stalkers misfired 5 of 8 times. On the plus side, they still killed the treeman easily and the eagle just as well. The Hierotitan was quite useful in boosting my spells, and even lived to the end of the game (everything else was dead by the end).


Game 2 vs Dwarves (Kevin)

Kevin's list:
40 with great weapons
25 sword/board
12 Thunderers
25 Miners
Organ Gun

Scenario: Watchtower, with a restriction that no unit of 20+ could garrison the tower.

This game went much better. Still, the hierotitan got blatted by a cannonball on the first turn...ouch. Still, I was able to roll the left flank (gyrocopter and warmachines), swing the chariots around, and then some big scrums happened. Turn 2 the scorpion popped up and threatened the cannon; he had to hem and haw to decide whether grapeshot or straightshot, choosing to grapeshot (which didn't kill it). Once his thunderers got in the tower, my archers all tore them to shreds. I made two important and interesting combats in the fourth turn. By then, the scorpion had destroyed the cannon, and so it and the chariots charged the horde of great weapons. The stalkers had shown up, so they all (and the necrosphinx) charged the other smaller block. The scorpion and chariots acquitted themselves well, killing ~20. Still...he entirely destroyed both units. UGH. The stalkers and necrosphinx failed to kill much of anything and lost the combat, lame! And just like that, due to the random game length the game ended and I had stuck my liche priest just close enough to the tower to cap it.


Game 3 vs Dark Elves (Paul)
Paul's list:Supreme Sorceress - shadows
Sorceress - dark
Noble - BSB
30 Spearmen
23 Crossbows
25 Witches
5 Dark Riders
8 Harpies
5 Shades

Scenario: Blood and Glory

We both deployed refused flanks, each taking our right sides. His shades went near my chariots though and attempted to sneak past them...but couldn't do it and were run down. The stalkers showed up and did their job, dusting both the chariot and reaper. The scorpion eventually popped up behind the crossbowmen (and sorceress). It and the stalkers attempted to charge them; they fled but were caught by the Stalkers (despite being farther away). Near turn 4-5? I had a chance to clinch it. The hierotitan moved into place near his BSB, and I rolled a mighty 2 for the power dice, no channels. UGH. It failed to cast spirit leech...sigh, I would've thrown 6 dice at it. Oh well! On turn 6, Khalida's archers cut down 15+ witches all in one go, but were then charged by the harpies. Khalida killed 5, but they still managed to inflict 3 wounds on her and I failed all of my saves (had a 5+ ward from spell). Blegh, that lost me the game right there, as the failure of the hierotitan to capitalize was the key fail. Oh well. My moral victory was that I had scored ~1300 VP and he had only gotten about 930.


Three great games and opponents, thanks for the fun!


  1. Beautiful army ... awesome!! Sounds like a damn good game. Great post thank you!!

  2. Yeah, Dr Jones kicked some butt this time around. Andrew's army was well deserving the Best Appearance award.