Friday, February 19, 2010

On the Bench: W.I.P. Leman Russ Punisher

Recap of colors used so far on the tank.
Prime White
Dark Blue (4:1)
Wash Asurman Blue
Dark Blue (4:1)
Dark Blue/Skull White (8:1)
Dark Blue Glaze (1:4:2)
Dark Blue/Skull White (6:2:2)
Dark Blue/Skull White (3:1:1)

Drew the woman with a pencil, followed by tracing over the lines with Vallejo Black. The skin was Elf Fleshtone followed by a 50/50 Elf Fleshtone/Skull White. I used a size 0/10 liner brush.

I think I will take break tonight and not do any painting. Feel a little burnt out on the tank, maybe because of the way I am approaching it. Will pick it back up tomorrow.


  1. The effort is paying off, looks really really nice.

  2. I love that little detail on the back of the sponson. Any chance of a closeup? or are you saving it until she's finished?

  3. @ Dean - Thanks!
    @ Col Corbane - Once the whole tank is finished I will do some close-ups and such.