Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fantasy Thursdays: N.I.M.G.C. Vanguard Scoring System

N.I.M.G.C. Vanguard Scoring System

The N.I.M.G.C. respects all aspects of the hobby therefore the tournament will consist of three prizes based on three scoring categories (Battle Points, Sportsmanship,and Appearance)

Overall Champion - The player with the highest over all score of all categories
Best Appearance - Highest painting score (tie to player with highest sports score)
Best Sportsman - Highest Sportsmanship score (tie to player with highest Battle pts)

Battle Points (50pts) 50% of Overall - Battle points will be awarded for a win, a draw and a loss. (15 - Victory, 10 - Draw, 5 - Loss) Three different scenarios will be played. The scenarios win conditions are not necessarily based on Victory Points so completing the scenario objectives are important. In addition bonus battle points will be awarded in certain scenarios for completing secondary objectives.

Appearance (30pts) 30% of Overall- Appearance scores will be judged between rounds 1 and 2 during the longer break. This will be judged by two N.I.M.G.C. TO's.

Sportsmanship (20pts) 20% of Overall - At the beginning of the event each player will be given a sportsmanship score card to fill out after each round of the tournament. this will then be turned in at the end of the tournament.


I cannot restate how excited I am to see the N.I.M.G.C. running a fantasy tournament. I plan on bringing a vampire count list to the tournament and will post the details of that list at a later date.

When it comes to the rules for this tournament, I like how they have broken up the value of each aspect of the hobby. Battle points being worth 50% makes sense and prevents someone from winning overall without actually having a winning record. I also like that Appearance is worth a sizable amount, meaning that someone fielding an army that is not painted can also not win the game. The 20% for sportsmanship will depend on the details of how scoring works. It is enough to swing a person up or down a notch, but not enough that a well painted and played army shouldn't still contend.

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