Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekly Update: Sage

This week's model is for my buddy Ernie. He mentioned wanting to go lighter on the gray cloth in comparison to the metal on the terminator.

The pictures are funny for this guy. There is a weird spot that looks grey around the scroll, but its not there on the actual model. Anyway, this guy needs a little touching up tomorrow, but he is for the most part done.

I need to explore a different paint scheme for the bases. After a handful of models, I have decided that I don't like the bases. Since this is a joint project with Ernie, maybe he'll have some suggestions. If any of my readers have ideas, please post them in the comments section.


  1. Thats looks great dude can i just suggest using him as a Astropath in the new guard dex stunning work

  2. Yes, very nice work here. Love the quill.

    Your bases aren't too much different than mine, so I doubt I can offer much advice. Perhaps a bit less brown and a touch of black or greyish ink?

    The sides of the base are verticle, which I've not seen before. Is that homemade?

  3. I'm always amazed at how smooth your paint jobs are! I'm jealous just looking at that smooth cloak.

    I think it might be the camera, but it looks like the face could use a bit more shadow to really make those double chins and raised eyebrow pop. I'd suggested adding a bit of dark to those flesh folds!

    I think your bases are great! I like to add battlefield-bits to all my bases, but your clean look matches your clean minis perfectly.

  4. I love that model. In fact it is standing on my shelf/desk as I write this. My girlfriend is begging me to take it into the army and I think it will fi in somehow- maybe converted to a astropath or naval officer?

  5. Very nice but maybe his face shading need some more definition...

  6. Thanks for all of the feedback. I agree that the face needs a bit more definition (geez, you would think seven layers would be enough these day! lol...).

    Look for an update next week or so with this guy and his brother.