Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly Update: Ogryn

So this week's model is an ogryn that I decided to paint. About 1/2 way thru the process, I decided that I would create a small unit mounted in a chimera. The name of the unit is going to be the Nut Crackers. This first ogryn's name is going to be Old Balls as he is the oldest ogryn in the unit.

We Nut Crackers like to crack nuts!


  1. How did you achieve that skin tone - it looks very good!

  2. Amazing! To second jabber, the skin fantasitic...but the blue! The blue is so wonderful on this model.

    Well done. I'm also digging the name of Old Balls. :)

  3. Yeah to third Jabber (doesn't sound as good does it) great skin tone and if the rumours of the ogryns are true in the new codex their gonna be pretty darn good

  4. Love the skin tones and the hair stubble. Looks great