Saturday, April 4, 2009

New WFB Army Coming?

The beginning of April is an interesting time as it is April Fools, but also because it seems like alot of companies use the beginning of the month to announce or reveal products/releases for the second half of the year.

Yesterday, the following post was made on Warseer:

So I just landed back from a short trip to visit with those crazy red coats on the otherside of the pond. My job in the military provides me a great deal of opportunity to explore the ins and outs of the world. Well needless to say when I went to the island I wanted to see the roots of GW...just so happened that one of my hosts brother works inside a development studio of a company that may or may not have a connection with a company that is mentioned quite a bit in this forum. Thats about as much as I will divulge on that subject... After some conversating he was able to arrange a late night game and visit to the studio. It was possibly the coolest Warhammer experience I have had in my entire life. Being surrounded by these people that live and breath the game is inspiring. Well needless to say there was about 5 of us in the studio, doing what the english do best...drinking and playing games. Well the 3 actual staffers got to talking and let me in on what is currently in the works. Lets just say there is a nearly completed Army book and range of miniatures that is amazing. The idea is apparently supposed to re-kindle the current state of the company and bring back alot of previous gamers that have not been spending as well as attract new gamers. The idea of a surprise new army release is the whole grand scheme...something no one expected. They said that is why there is a gap in releases for fantasy mini's. This range is nothing we have ever seen before. Something completely new that is supposed to take everyone (in and outside of the game) by surprise. A disturbance, bigger than the tear that Chaos brought, brings in this new race. It was like a dream come true for me. I really am biting my tongue here...but just think the opposite side of the road in regards to the later. Sorry...but thats all I've got.

Normally a post like this would be worth little, but then Harry, a respected poster and insider on Warseer, gave credit/support to the rumor. If this is true, it is an interesting and bold move by GW.

Before I discuss the move itself, assuming it's true, I want to post my own speculation on the new army. If you read the last couple lines of the OP, it implies that the new race is the opposite of chaos. So basically the new army is some kind of Forces of Order army. How that translates into actual models is anyone's guess. I know alot of people are assuming angels, but it could be something more alien looking, though I could understand creating angel models from a selling miniatures standpoint.

As for the move, I think GW is starting to show that they are alot further ahead on things then we give them credit for being. The plastic trygon is an example of this idea. The model has been finished for awhile, but GW is holding onto it. I believe by doing this, GW has made a smart move as it builds hype and increased speculation (which translates into increased discussion about their products). This means as hobbyists that we have stuff to look forward to without automatically knowing everything before the actual release. Again, it is a bold move, but it will have its detractors. Personally, the launch of 5th edition left me with a flat feeling, but the stuff happening now has really gotten me excited about the hobby again.

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  1. Angels? I think it's a rerelease of chaos dwarves. Oh yeah! Bring on the evil dwarves with funky hats!