Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekly Update: Online Contests

Existing Contests
The Concept is rather Simple. You choose to start a new army of 1000+ points or 1000+ points of Expansion to an army you already own to paint. You have 7 weeks from the start date to completely build, model, paint & base your 1000 points. You must update a blog with your progress weekly. At the end of the 7 weeks anyone who has completed their project will earn a "Paint or Die" Award as well as be entered in Paint Contest with the other participants In which the entire membership votes to determine 1st and 2nd place winners. Those winners split the entry fees in a 60/30 manner (10% covers fees).

Dark Art Miniatures
Create a Base Competition

We want you to create themed bases of your own design. It can be a theme that we already sell (urban, infested) but we would prefer to see a theme that we have not yet covered. Literally anything you can think of! No matter how weird or dull the theme is we would like to see it. Each entrant must submit one of the following choices: four x25mm OR two x40mm OR 1x60mm base. Each entrant may enter as many times as they like.
These bases can be round or square and must be UNPAINTED. You can use another companies 'blank base' to add your design to. You can use any kind of modelling materials such as sculpting putty, plasticard, textured sheets, sand etc You cannot use any static grass/flock. You cannot add another companies products that is not sold for scratch building onto your design (example: you cannot use the head of a GW space marine or a Rackham weapon or even part of any terrain made by another company) Entrants must not be sculptors currently selling their own product lines of bases. Failure to follow the above rules will result in your entry being void :( What we will be marking your work on: Above all it’s got to be game practical. We don’t want to see over a designed base that a miniature would not be able to stand on. If a miniature was to be mounted it should still be able to stand 'flat footed' on the base and the height of the base should not be overly high, again being practical for gaming. In some cases less is more. There is a fine line between over designed bases and interesting bases. Photos of your work can be sent to:
Warpstone Flux

I want to try something new for Warpstone Flux this month: a challenge... just to see if anyone is interested. There are no prizes for this challenge, just kudos and honour! The real aim is to help others to think about how to build effective, but themed army lists.Overview of The Challenge: Design a themed 1500 points Alpha Legion army list from EITHER codex: chaos space marines or codex: space marines for a standard mission. Why Alpha Legion? Simply because it is an army that is not seen as often as other traitor legions, but has a reasonable amount of background information surrounding it (e.g. see the Horus Heresy Book, Legion).
Challenge Rules:
(1) No named characters can be used (e.g. Fabius Bile, Lysander, Abaddon, etc.).
(2) If you use codex: space marines instead of codex: chaos space marines, then state your reason(s) for doing so in a brief sentence or two. This can be as simple as "pre-heresy", or more complex reasons.
(3) Post your army lists as a comment to this posting.
(4) On April 14th 2009, I'll start a voting poll that will be open for 1 week to vote for what Warpstone Flux readers consider to be the "most effective army list that also best articulates the theme" (whatever readers interpret that to mean) out of all entrants.
(5) Winner will be tallied and announced on April 21st.If there is sufficient interest, I might run another one of these again next month.

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