Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekly Update: Amethyst Veil

At this point, I have five more skeletons to complete for the unit. One of them is going to be the standard bearer on a 40mm x 20mm base that will count as two skeletons. I am hopeful to have this unit completed by the weekend.

To all of my readers that are only into 40K, I promise next week that I will be returning to some 40K models.


  1. the skeletons look awesome. Where did you get the bases with the non-sloping sides? I see you also have round bases with vertical sides. I like those a lot.

  2. They are a brand called George Bases. I pick them up from a store called Games Plus in Mount Prospect, Illinois. I believe the have a website, so you may want to google them

    Thanks for the kind words Stinky!

  3. I'm only (currently) into 40k, but I do love seeing nicely painted models. :) Lovely crisp colors!