Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vanguard Scenarios: Chapter One

One of the more controversial aspects of Vanguard is the fact that the scenarios for the tournament are posted well in advance. Knowledge of the scenarios beforehand in conjunction with the tournament not having any sort of composition system can be a recipe for disaster. If this was any other event, I may be more concerned, but the NIMGC make a point of advertising their events as casual fun and expecting folks who attend to treat them as such. They also have a solid crew of judges who will work hard to keep the event fun for everyone.

Upon first reading the scenario, I did have a few questions, mostly about the bonus conditions. Now that my questions have been answered, I feel pretty good about it. I like that the ‘Historic Landmark’ rule is being used as it adds a little flavor to the scenario without being an overly burdensome special rule.

Chapter 1: The Old Hill

Battlefield: Terrain is preset. Hills are open ground. All Forests, buildings, and hills are considered large target sized: a large target behind an object may not be targeted except by a unit on high ground.

Game Length: Games will last Six turns or until time is called.
Who goes First: Deployment and who goes first are normal per BRB. Pg. 3.

Special Rules: the Hill in the center of the board counts as a Historic Landmark (BRB pg. 100). The hill should be in center of the board so remember for results measure from center of board and not from edges of hill.

Victory Conditions: Standard Victory Points per BRB pg. 102
If you Concede opponent gets full battle points

Battle Point Modifiers:
+ 1 BP The enemies largest point unit is destroyed or fleeing at end of game.
-1 BP None of your units have charged an opponent unit outside of your deployment zone.

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  1. I really did not want to post the scenarios early. Originally I was not going to post them until mid-june if at all.

    Oh well I guess. I agree with you that the crowd who usually attends the tournaments are more laid back players so I dont think this will be a problem. If it is next year I wont be posting them early...or I will write up a couple of sample scenarios for people to use.

    Looking forward to seeing you there. Only a little bit over a month now.