Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tournament Tuesdays: Preparing for the UG&G Team Tournament – Part Two

With only four days remaining until the UG&G Team Tournament, my list has been finalized and I am making some last minute updates to secure as many painting points as possible (even though painting is only worth a maximum of 5 points).


I decided to be a bit lazy and field two heralds for my HQ. The reason I am calling myself lazy is that I did not convert a herald of Tzeentch as I originally planned and am going to just use a painted green horror. Since a HoT comes with daemonic gaze, I decided to purchase ‘We are Legion’, ‘Master of Sorcery’ and ‘Bolt of Tzeentch’. This means that when he lands, he can support the unit of horrors while also taking a crack at any armour in his vicinity. (95 points)

My second herald is Slaanesh’s favorite pole dancer, the Masque. Before I knew I was fielding a HoT, I knew I was fielding the Masque. The fact that she can fire three pavanes a turn means that I can really play with the positioning of enemy forces. She is also a decent hth character that can provide some clean-up work when needed. (100 points)


My only elite choice is a minimum size unit of flamers. Their template attack is nasty if I can accurately deepstrike. In general, these guys will be used to deal with anything that has a combination of high toughness and armour saves. (105 points)


As I mentioned in part one, I am fielding a 10 model unit of bloodletters. These are my shock troopers for dealing with marines and similar MEQ models. They are also my back-up unit with regards to carrying an icon and securing a landing zone for my other units. (190 points)

Next is a unit of horrors that I also mentioned in last week's post. The purpose of this unit is to arrive in the first wave and provide support to future units via the icon. The unit can also deliver quite a few shots, so it can target horde units that have lower armour saves and toughness. (188 points)

My last troop choice is a small unit of daemonettes. These ladies are meant to provide the Masque with some protection from shooting attacks. They don't have the numbers to be effective in CC on the assault, but could be a fair support or mop-up unit. (70 points)

The Plan

Since I am fielding daemons, I have to consider how I will divide my army at the start of each game. Typically, I expect the Masque and HoT to be embedded into the troop choices of their particular deity. I do think though that the HoT may be held back at times, just to give me an extra shot at a tank or MEQ unit. All things considered, my default waves will be:

Primary Wave
Horrors w/ Herald of Tzeentch
Daemonettes w/ Masque

Secondary Wave

My logic for the two waves is to use the primary wave units to secure a landing zone for the secondary wave. The horrors with a higher invulnerable save have typically survived a turn of shooting, so I feel they are the best choice for the first wave. If the chaos gods spit on me though, the bloodletters also carry an icon, so I can still secure the arrival of later daemon units.

On Friday: Ernie’s Orks and Final Plans.


  1. Pretty force you've got there, but I'm really a sucker for the green demons. Do you often play such a diverse force and/or omit monstrous creatures altogether? In my area, it's rare to find a demon player who doesn't use at least one demon prince or soul grinder.

    If you don't mind a little critique, it looks like you have the same problem I used to where the grains in the backdrop steal the focus from your camera. This tends to over-exagerate the detail in the black mesh and leave the model a little blurry. They're great looking models, but these particular pictures just don't seem to do them justice.

    Best o' luck in the tourney!

  2. Thanks for the advise on the pictures. I took them late yesterday and agree that they are not the best. I wanted to try a different background to my usual brown, so it is something to work on for another day.

    Neither of the DC heavy support choices really interest me. I don't really like the soul grinder model (though I do like the FW Khorne model that could be a count as soul grinder) or the GW daemon princes.

    Ultimately, I like to play daemons with as many core choices as I can field.

  3. I really like the look of your (non-Nurgle!) green daemons. Your site has inspired me to try other things and variant paint schemes such as these are very eye-catching. Keep up the great work :)
    (& good luck for the tournament!)

  4. JabberJabber - Thanks for the kind words and well wishes.