Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Rival List for 05/22/2010

10. Bay Hammer
A couple eldar titans.

9. Santa Cruz Warhammer
Tauros Venator - Nice finished model and a very cool group shot.

8. Enter the Nurgling
A am really digging this conversion, especially since I don't see alot of green stuff work on it. Nice use of bitz...

7. Craftworld Lansing
Its a battle report. Its feedback on round one of 'Ard Boyz. It was a good read from a new blog.

6. Blackjack & Hookers
A decent breakdown of the Space Wolf HQ choices.

5. Blood & Blades
A pretty good Brettonian general on a hippogrif. I like the use of yellow and the skin tone of the mount.

4. The Winds of Magic
A bunch of short guys that like to drink. They must be from Wisconsin.

3. Gurer - The Blog
I still remember a time when orcs were pig headed humanoids and goblins were just lame (I preferred Kobolds). These models bring me back to those days. I am also really digging the skin tones on these models and think they would be a good choice for my fiends of slaanesh. Not GW models, but still excellent work.

2. The Lair of the Breviks
The blue on this model makes me drool. So does krispy kremes and red heads, but that is different. The LotB is just one of those sites that consistently produces some great stuff.

1. Realm of Lead Addiction
Since the post is this week, I decided to include it in the list even though the models were completed earlier in the year. Fantastic looking dwarves!

Honorable Mention

Little Green Monsters
Some amazing green stuff work.

Note: There will no Rival List next week due to the holiday. The Rival List will be back in two weeks!

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