Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Rival List for 05/01/2010

10. Bay Hammer
Can't go another week without finding one good post involving blood angel models.

9. Four-Color Figures
Very nice ork kill team. I so want to build/paint a kill team army and this post is making that desire stronger.

8. The Old West Chronicles
One of the things I admire about Dean's work is how quickly he can get stuff painted that looks really good on the table. His trygon prime is yet another example of his skill.

7. The Grumpy Stunty
A nice salamander apothecary

6. The Winds of Magic
Nice to see some Tomb King models.

5. Arcadia Prime
Interesting special character rules for a unique tau conversion.

4. Andrath's Wargaming Blog
While not GW models, I really like the painting on these figures.

3. Spear of Russ
The blonde hair and green clothing is what caught my eye. A great test model.

2. Dark Future Games
Crisp painting on this inquisitor with a nice scheme that deviates from the usual red and silver.

1. 2nd City Warzone
Amazing work on 3 Angels of Absolution models. Of the three, the dreadnought is what caught my eye and earned the number one spot this week.

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