Friday, May 21, 2010

Preparing for UG&G Team Tournament - Part Three

"Get out on the floor
Do things to make 'em adore you
Show 'em why you were born
And put a little mustard on it

Don't tell me what time it is now
I know what time it is now
It's show time!
Show time!"
(It's Showtime, Electric Six, 2007)

We are less than 24 hours from the UG&G Team Tournament. At this point, I am doing some last minute touch-ups on models and a display base. I am also trying to get a good nights sleep so I can fully enjoy a day of gaming.

Photo from a recent battle with Warlord Ernie's Orks

Nar-Duruk-Mek's Warband (aka Ernie's Orks)
Big Mek w/ KFF & Cybork Body (95 pts)
25 Boyz w/ Nob (185 pts)
27 Ard Boyz w/ Nob (305 pts)
10 Lootas (150 pts)

60+ orks means that we have two very solid troop choices for holding objectives. These two units are even better with a KFF providing each unit with a decent cover save. I wish I had time to paint up a Soul Grinder as I would love for it to be parked with that KFF.

Looking at the overall combination of units between our two armies, the first thing folks will notice is that we have no fast attack or heavy support choices. 63% of our combined points are spent on troops, while less than 20% is used on HQ models. This should go a long way towards helping us get higher than average sportsmanship scores. I say this because most people tend to score down armies that have the "hard" stuff.

The next thing I notice is that we have stuff to deal with pretty much all types of armies. I have units that can deal with elite units, while Ernie has the stuff for hordes. At the same time, neither of our lists is pigeon holed into one "style" as I can manage hordes and Ernie can crack elites, we each just do it differently. This means that unless we face an optimized team that is a one trick pony, we should have a fair chance at winning each game.

Next Tuesday: Aftermath!

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