Friday, January 8, 2010

On the Bench: 2010 Imperial Guard Army List

On Wednesday, I posted my goals for 2010. Today I can roll out my revised version of my 1000 point IG army.

When it came to deciding on this army, three things factored into my army building process.
1. I wanted an army that I could finish in a reasonable amount of time. Based on my painting points for 2009, I can paint about 1 figure every ten days, which is not very fast. This means that a troop heavy army was not a good idea for me if I want to complete this project sooner than later.
2. My original desire was to build a tank army, since none of my other armies have any vehicles. I still like the prison theme and will work towards that as I progress with the army, but for the short term, I am going back to this army being about tanks.
3. My biggest goal for 2010 is to not purchase any new models. With that said, I know that in March GW is going to release a new Basilisk/Medusa kit. I love the idea of the Medusa and want to include one, so I am going to trade-in one of the three Leman Russ Punisher kits I got for Christmas for a Medusa kit. Since I am simply exchanging kits and not buying anything, I don’t feel this is breaking my #1 goal.

So now that I have posted my army list guidelines, it is time to reveal the actual list.

HQ – Company Command Squad w/ vox, 2 snipers, 1 autocannon 75 pts
Troop – Veteran Squad w/ 3 snipers, vox, heavy bolter, and Harker 155 pts
Troop – Veteran Squad w/ 2 flamers, 1 heavy flamer, shotguns 100 pts
Fast Attack – Hellhound 130 pts
Heavy Support – 2 Leman Russ Punishers w/ heavy bolter sponsons 400 pts
Heavy Support – 1 Medusa 135 pts

Total 995 pts

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